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Chef Makes 'super Cool' Mini Skateboards With Chocolate And Caramel, Watch Video

The popular chef Amaury Guichon has shared a video of 'Skateboard Caramel Bar' on Instagram. The clip posted by the chef shows the making of the snack.


IMAGE: amauryguichon/Instagram

A popular pastry chef recently left several internet users amazed with his mini skateboard caramel bar. Amaury Guichon has shared a video of 'Skateboard Caramel Bar' on Instagram. The clip posted by the chef shows the process of making the snack. 

Chef makes skateboard caramel bar

This new trending video was shared by Amaury Guichon on Instagram alongside the caption, "Skateboard Caramel Bar! The coolest snack this summer!". The clip features him making the mini skateboard caramel bar. In the video, Guichon uses chocolates and caramel  to create the snack.  The video ends with chef tasting his creation. Watch the video here:

The video of the creation has gained attention of social media users. Since posted, the video has garnered over 405,500 likes and accumulated several reactions from users. Netizens, stunned by the amazing creation took to the comments section to share their views. One user commented, "Super cool".  Another individual commented, "Wow". Check out some user reactions. 


Earlier this month, Amaury Guichon shared a video of a giant 'Chocolate Statue of Liberty' sculpture on Instagram. The pastry chef has created a seven-foot-tall sculpture of the Statue of Liberty. Guichon has posted a video of the process and the final chocolate statue of liberty on his Instagram account. The pastry chef has shared the video alongside the caption, "Chocolate Statue of Liberty! My tallest one yet! 115lbs of chocolate for 7ft tall! Happy Independence Day weekend to you all!". The video starts with the popular pastry chef making the base of the statue. As the video proceeds, Amaury makes each part of the sculpture. According to the caption, Guichon has used 115lbs of chocolate to create the statue.

IMAGE: amauryguichon/Instagram

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