Couple Grows A Giant Cabbage Almost As Big As A Person

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An Australian couple staved off pests for more than nine months to grow a giant cabbage almost as big as a person. Rosemary Norwood and her husband, Sean Cadman, who live in the Tasmanian valley of Jackeys Marsh, began growing the giant vegetable in April last year at their eco-tourism guesthouse.

After months of plucking away less-successful surrounding cabbages, the couple left the savoy to grow undisturbed until late January.

"It doesn't always work out like this," Norwood told a foreign media, attributing the success to "a good, wet spring, good rainfall and hot weather in the early summer."

Norwood kept hungry wallabies and possums out with a wire fence, and had to place the cabbage under a fine net to stop slugs and butterflies.

The toil has been worth it, however -- the cabbage ended up large enough to provide almost two weeks' worth of coleslaw, German rotkohl and salads for their guests.

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