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Desi Hack: How To Cut A Mango In Three Easy Ways; Read

Desi Hack: The season of mangoes has arrived and these delicious fruits are already available in the markets. Read on to know how to cut a mango.

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The season of Mangoes has arrived at our doorsteps. Almost everyone adores this delicious fruit which is often called as the King of fruits in India. It is a seasonal fruit and thus it is only available during a particular season naturally. Mangoes need warm tropical climates to grow and are usually available during summer in India. Cutting a mango can be a 'staining' process. Here are three ways to cut mangoes easily: 

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3 Ways to cut a mango 

The "hedgehog" style 

The "hedgehog" style is perhaps one of the most aesthetic styles of cutting up the fruit. To achieve the most beautiful of the results, one needs to use a serrated steel knife. It should be very sharped. Take a base to cut the mango on as it is a juicy and pulpy fruit and can spoil the kitchen table. Cut the fruit from both the sides without touching the 'koy' or the seed of the fruit. You will have D-shaped parts if everything goes correct. Then without cutting of the skin make vertical and horizontal cuts in the mango pulp. Then simply press the skin side up and you will get a Hedgehog style mango. 

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The Sweetfish

You do not need a serrated knife for this trick. Just use a giant sharp knife. Get two D-parts of the mango of the fruit. Keep rest of it aside and take one part. Place it on a cutting board. Then place one part horizontally and cut it the front portion of it vertically. Do the same for the back part of the fruit too. Then give gentle cuts to the fruit but do not cut the skin of the fruit. Then place it one a plate. Repeat the same step with the other part of the fruit too. Put a smile shape on the headpiece of the mango.

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The Gentle Squeeze 

It is not exactly a cutting method. It has more to do with pressing the pulp of the fruit through a small incursion on the head of the fruit. It is a popular Desi way to enjoy the King of Fruits. To eat a mango this way, one needs to pull out the steam of the fruit from its head. Then press it to remove the sapling juice out. Then squeeze the mango from all sides till it becomes very pulpy.

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