Five Popular Food Apps That Should Be On Every Foodie's Phone


The eternal relationship between food and foodies is one to die for. For those who want to maintain this relationship for a lifetime, here are 5 best food apps

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What entails a foodie? Being a foodie is a lot more than letting people know that one enjoys food. It is about developing refined taste buds and employing them to explore the myriad wonders that the culinary world has to offer. A true foodie’s journey never ends - there’s a lot to discover. And to help with these discoveries, given below are five of the best food apps out there:

Top 5 Food Apps that Satiate your Hunger Pangs

Travel Khana

If you trust the Indian Railways but hate the bland food served at the stations by the pantry, then this app is for you. Just add the train details like PNR and select from the restaurant of your choice what you'd like to eat. Expect hot food at your selected station from vada-sambhar, burgers to even thalis. What's cool is that you can buy from all over the country anywhere. Say goodbye to bland food for the ride.

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If you're someone who enjoys eating and sharing your entire meal, then this app should be yours. Like Instagram, Nouns is about sharing food pictures, following users, and also suggesting the best restaurants and cafes in the area. So if you're uncertain as to where to go next, try to look for all the details from Nouns. Nouns is a virtual food network that allows all foodaholics to discuss their food indulgences, contribute and share them. The community creates, curates and manages the content on nouns. This encourages constant discussions about new and latest trends in food that will help people make important choices about food.

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Vivino - The Wine Scanner

There’s nothing as bad as taking a sip from a glass of wine and discovering that it tastes absolutely horrible. Vivino does away with this problem in a jiffy. With this app, all one needs to do is click a picture of the bottle of wine or the wine list, and the app will provide the ratings and reviews for it. There’s also an option that allows the users to add their favourite drinks to a list for easy access anytime, anywhere.

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Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats

Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats, are food apps have solutions for all your needs. These offer a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and restaurants. Just order from your favourite restaurant, pay online and get your meal delivered to you in the comforts of your home or office.


It is the world's most trusted brand of cooking. Epicurious has expanded to include original recipes from the Epicurious Test Kitchen. The app provides regular tips from the cooking-savvy Epicurious team, and some of the fastest-growing food video series on YouTube.Try to cook with this recipe app's help. Browse to find every part of the world's recipes, menu ideas, videos, and kitchen tips. Epicurious is your go-to device, whether you want to make chicken tikka, vegetable roasting or basic dal-rice. 

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Having these popular food apps on your smart device will ensure you are able to explore good food options quite often. Whether you are on a trip to a new country or are looking to explore better food options near your home or office, these apps are quite handy. Download them and start navigating now!

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