Here's A Quick And Easy Besan Laddoo Recipe That You Must Check Out


Besan laddoos are the perfect North Indian dessert that you can consume during winters. They make you nostalgic in every bite. Read to know how to make them.

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besan laddoos

Besan laddoos are perfect to consume during chilly winters. They make you nostalgic in every bite. You can fill them with ghee and nutritious dry fruits to make it even more savoury. Without any further ado, we have penned down the recipe for besan laddoos to enjoy this winter season. 

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 18 minutes
  • Total time: 23 minutes
  • Servings: 15 

Ingredients to prepare besan ladoo

  • Two cups of gram flour or besan
  • A half-cup of ghee or clarified butter (get more, if required)
  • One cup of powdered sugar or boora
  • Four pods of green cardamoms, powder them using a mortar and a pestle 
  • One to two tablespoons of golden raisins 

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A step by step method to prepare besan laddoos

How to roast besan?

  1. Pick up a Kadhai or a frying pan and put it on the stove on a medium flame. Add besan to it and keep it on slow flame. Dry roast it for approximately 11 to 12 minutes. 
  2. Keep stirring it continuously from the beginning. This will avoid it from burning. Roast it evenly to make it turn golden brown. 
  3. While roasting, keep aside ghee on room temperature for it to melt. 

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How to make Besan Laddoos?

  • After 10-12 minutes, pour melted ghee onto the besan and keep roasting. Continuously stir it for 5 to 6 minutes. 
  • You will get a strong aroma, which indicates to turn off the stove. 
  • Remove the pan and set it aside. 
  • Add powdered sugar and for best flavours use boora instead of sugar. 
  • Mix them well to avoid lumps. 
  • Now, add cardamoms and golden raisins in the mixture. You can also use dry fruits to add in besan ladoos. Stir it well. 
  • Let it cool down for a while. 
  • Make small or medium-sized balls of besan mixture and store it in an airtight container to consume fresh ladoos. 

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