Jamie Oliver Reveals His New Cookbook Titled '7 Ways' On Social Media


Jamie Oliver recently took to his Instagram and shared a video of him revealing the cover of his new cookbook '7 Ways'. Read below for more information.

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Jamie Oliver is one of the most well-known celebrity chefs to come out of the United Kingdom. Jamie Oliver has over 30 cookbooks and has also featured in a number of cooking shows. The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver specializes in cooking organic, Italian and British food and also has a No. 1 best selling book in the UK named The Naked Chef. Now, Jamie Oliver has revealed his newest cookbook titled 7 Ways

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Jamie Oliver's cookbook 7 Ways

Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook 7 Ways features seven different easy ways to revamp food by using 18 common ingredients which are brought by people at the grocery store. The book is designed as a companion to Jamie Oliver's previous cookbook titled 5 Ingredients. In a video posted by Jamie Oliver on his social media, the celebrity chef revealed that 7 Ways is the most user-friendly book he has ever written. Check out Jamie Oliver's cookbook reveal below:

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In the video, Jamie Oliver reveals that he has tried his best to encompass only a few common ingredients to make different recipes. Jamie Oliver addressed those recipes to be exciting, dynamic and easy to follow by the reader. The celebrity chef revealed furthermore that the base ingredients focussed in the new book are those which people generally buy and use in their day-to-day life. 

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As per reports, an extensive amount of research has gone when 7 Ways cookbook was being planned as Jamie Oliver wished to ensure his latest books help to ease out people's efforts rather than hampering them with exclusive ingredients and recipes. Jamie in the video expressed how none of the recipes written in the book requires a person to head out and buy ingredients. Instead, the recipes written in the book require only a handful of recipes that are commonly found in various households. 

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