Julienne To Chiffonade: 5 Basic Cutting Techniques You Must Master


There are so many things one needs to learn to cook delicious food. From Julienne to Chiffonade, here are some cutting techniques that you must master.

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Different kinds of cutting techniques should be mastered if you're an aspiring chef must master. Basic knife cuts are a practical way that ensures every vegetable is cooked properly. As beginners, one can start with whole vegetables like potatoes and carrots. It can be a daunting task initially but with practice, one can master the cutting techniques. From julienne to chiffonade, here are some knife cuts that will help you look like a master chef.

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This is a matchstick-size cut. The vegetables are sliced into batons, which are usually 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch. They are 1-2 inches long. 


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The literal meaning of the word is ''little ribbons'' in French. It is a cutting technique that is used on leafy vegetables and herbs like lettuces and parsley. To start with this cutting technique, the leaves are rolled in a tightly rolled in a stack. They are later thinly sliced to produce long and delicate strips.  


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Also known as Baton knife cut, it is also a matchstick knife cut. The dimensions of this cutting technique us 1/4 and 1/4 inch. The length of the cut is usually 2 to 2 1/2 inches long.


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Brunoise cutting dimensions are 1/8-inch-square on all sides. The cutting dimensions of this technique are exactly half the size of the Macédoine dice. The dice is achieved by slicing the firm vegetables into a Julienne and then further dicing into cubes. 


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This cutting technique appears like square cubes. The pieces are made from slicing down a baton. The dimensions of this cut are 1/4-inch-square on all sides. 


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