Kerala Curries That Are A Must-try When Exploring The Cuisine Of 'God's Own Country'


Kerala curries are one of the traditional elements of Kerala cuisine. Here are a few of the must-try Kerala curries that you can explore as a foodie. Read.

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kerala curries

Kerala cuisine is an experience in itself as it is inspired by the fusion of Malabari, French, and Arabian influencers. Each dish is enhanced with a touch of Kerala’s unique culture. One might, in fact, be able to identify the taste of coconut in most dishes of the state, making it clear that blending grated coconut and milk in food for thickening and flavouring is a common culinary practice in Kerala. Kerala is well known for its curries too. The state has a variety of curries and here are a few of the options you try. 

Kerala pot avial

It is an authentic curry with veggies cooked in coconut and flavoured with aromatic curry leaves. All of the vegetables are coated in a sauce made with grated coconut and yogurt. The great thing about making avial in an instant pot is that you can cook all the vegetables together in the same amount of time and they turn out perfectly. Avial is typically made with assorted vegetables such as unripe plantain, unripe green mango, carrots, green beans, cucumber, pumpkin, taro root, potatoes.

Kerala Prawn curry

This traditional prawn curry is sprinkled with chilli, salt, pepper and then dipped in lots of coconut milk, jaggery and then finally finished with curry leaves. The humble coconut (in all its kinds) notches up the dish to another level on a whole.

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Njandu curry

Kerala Crab Curry or Njandu Curry is crab cooked with spices & coconut milk. There is a hint of sour from Kudampuli which gives it a very traditional taste. It is one of the widely loved curries from the cuisine. 

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Kerala style Nadan Kozhi curry

Nadan chicken curry is a simple and delicious dish made by simmering chicken in fresh ground Kerala spice powder and coconut milk. Kerala cuisine is well known for its unique flavours, delicious taste, and simplicity.

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Ulli Theeyal

Theeyal originates from the state of Kerala in South India. The word ‘ulli’ in Malayalam refers to small onions /shallots /sambar onion. Theeyal means burnt dish, referring to roasted coconut used as the main ingredient and is usually dark brown in colour, flavored with tamarind. It goes well with rice and any side dish Theeyal is very versatile and can be prepared with pearl onion, bitter gourd, brinjal, okra, yam, sometimes with mixed vegetables or even with seafood, shrimp-prawns, etc.

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