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Kheer, Payasam Or Payesh? What Makes Them So Different From Each Other?

If you were confused between Kheer, Payasam and Payesh then we have the right guide for you. Check out the differences in these dishes.


If you have ever been confused between Kheer or Payasam and Payesh, then this read is just what you need. With Vishu, Bisu and Baisakhi marking the NewYear across several states in India, it is mandatory that the day’s meal is finished off with the perfect bowl of sweet, luscious goodie. However, if you have a tough time deciding which one to cook or even confused about what significant new year dishes are, then read on:

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Kheer or Payasam or Payesh? What makes them so different from each other?

As popularly known, Indian meals aren’t complete without a bite of the high dose of sugar gorges. The most common and easy to cook sweet dishes are Kheer which also changes the name and colour as per different regions across India. The combination of milk, sugar and broken down rice is a treat. 

For instance, Kheer is available in the central region of India. It is prepared with boiling milk, sugar. Kheer would not necessarily have rice or vermicelli’s in it. However, forms can vary according to region. There are additional flavours emulsified with dry fruits, saffron or cardamom.


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Payasam, on the other hand, is the name of the pudding found in the southern region of the sub-continent. There are two variants. One can be made with sugar and the second with jaggery. Brown rice or vermicelli is added into milk and the above-mentioned choice of sweetener. The concoction is a dense sweet flavour. There are additional flavours which are added by ghee or nuts. It is savoured on days like Vishu. 

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Payesh is the name of the dish found in Bengal. This sweet concoction of milk, sugar or jaggery is mostly gorged upon after meal. The combination is prepared similar to Kheer or Payasam but the consistency is thick. The final choice of garnishing can be small fruit like raisins. It is primarily had on Pohela Boishakh, the New Year of the Bengalis. 

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