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'Masterchef' Australia Season 12 Viewers Get Angry After Chicken Used In Vegetarian Dish

'Masterchef' Australia season 12 has a hit. However, the viewers of the show have been outraged after someone spotted chicken sauce in a vegetarian dish.

MasterChef Australia Season 12

MasterChef Australia Season 12, also known as MasterChef Australia: Back To Win, premiered last month. Since then it has been a hit with the audience. Masterchef Australia season 12 is one of the most viewed culinary shows in the world that keeps its viewers glued to the screens from start till the finale. However, this time around the show has come under the radar after a chicken sauce was mixed in a vegetarian dish.

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Masterchef Australia Season 12 comes under the radar after chicken sauce is used in a vegetarian dish

One of the viewers of MasterChef Australia season 12 pointed out recently that one of the vegetarian dishes that was cooked on Monday’s episode was compromised. These fans pointed out that chicken bones were allegedly used to make the sauce that was then used to make a vegetarian dish. Viewers of Masterchef Australia season 12 said that they saw chicken bones being used to flavour the sauce that was then added to flavour mushrooms.

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Masterchef Australia season 12's viewers have been wondering if the makers of the show could let it have such an oversight. For the food to be considered vegetarian, the food cooked should have completely strayed away from any kind of meat or even meat products like chicken stock. Since chicken in poultry, the usage of chicken bones makes it a non-vegetarian dish.

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Monday’s episode of Masterchef Australia season 12 saw the contestants take on a ‘Double twist team challenge’. The judges mentioned that various twists would be added to the task as it moves forward. The contestants were then split into two teams and asked to cook a three-course meal for 50 diners. Both the teams performed exceptionally well but the Brown Team ended up winning the task instead.

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