Meat Dreams About Delicious Mutton Dishes Actor Kunal Vijayakar Drools Over


Kunal Vijayakar recently opened up about his meat dreams. He talked about his favourite three mutton dishes that appear in his dreams. Read more to know.

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Kunal Vijayakar is a renowned food writer, author and a television personality. Kunal Vijayakar recently opened up about his dreams regarding meat to a leading daily. He talked about the dreams that he has and what does he feel about them.

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Talking about his dreams of meat, especially mutton, Kunal Vijayakar said that he is having the same dreams over and over again for the past few weeks. He also said that he often wakes up from sleep but not like you wake up from a nightmare. He cleared that he wakes up feeling hungry. He explained that he dreams about three mutton dishes that are very close to him since his childhood days and he also feels that these dishes are being forgotten.

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The three dishes in his meat dreams are mutton rara, mutton do pyaza, and mutton jalfrezi. He talked about the origins of these dishes. He shared an interesting fact that none of these dishes are actually cooked in Punjabi households. He felt bad for these dishes as bhuna gosht and rogan josh are being chosen over it.

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Mutton Rara

He started by talking about a dish called mutton rara. He said that according to stories, the dish originated in Himachal area where it was cooked up at Dhabas along the highway. The dish is a bit complex and extravagant to make. It is slow-cooked with a double dose of mutton in ghee. The dish has a perfect combination of mutton pieces and minced mutton kheema. He also mentioned that the dish is very rich in aroma and different flavours.


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Muttton do pyaza

Kunal Vijayakar then talked about the second dish, mutton do pyaza. As the name suggests this dish is heavily reliant on onions. According to some people the meat should be cooked with twice the amount of onions. If you are cooking a kilo of meat, you need two kilos of onions. According to Kunal Vijayakar, the dish is a treasured memory.


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Mutton Jalfrezi

Kunal Vijayakar then talked about his third dish, mutton jalfrezi. He said that there are many stories about this dish but the most reasonable one hails from Calcutta in the East India Company era. He said that mutton jalfrezi of his childhood looked like a burst of colour garnished with chunks of capsicum and tomato.


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