Moringa Leaves Uses And Benefits That Will Help You In Your Day-to-day Life


Moringa leaves uses and benefits will are multiple. Read more here to know which part of the tress are useful and can help you in your dad to day lives.

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moringa leaves uses

Murungai Keerai, known as Moringa tree in English and Moringa oleifera scientifically, is a tree that naturally occurs in regions like South Asia and Southeast Asia. India is one of the highest producers of the Moringa tree and its products. The Moringa leaves use a lot less water to produce by-products, which have a lot of benefits. Take a look at the benefits of the Moringa tree.   

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Moringa tree and its useful parts

This native-to-India plant is intensely cultivated and resembles a bush. It is reported that the most beneficial parts of this tree are the leaves, seeds, roots, trunk, and flowers. They have nutritional and medicinal benefits that are very helpful for humans.

Moringa leaves uses

It is reported that Moringa leaves uses include providing nutrition like Vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and  B-6,  which benefits its user a lot. The size of the leaves is small but is filled with nutrition. It can be used as a vegetable sauce when coupled with a corn flour-based mashed potato-like substance called pate which has a lot of protein. It is reported that the protein extracted from the plant an inexpensive alternative for meats, fish, and other such sources.

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Moringa Seed

Moringa seeds have a lot of value and also is a reported cure to digestion problems. It is reported that eating one seed every morning can help lose weight. It is also used to extract oils which can be used as food supplements. It is also reported to be used as a base for cosmetics and is a good aid for hair and the skin.

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Drumstick (fruit)

In drumstick farming, the seeds are of the plant are kept in their case which is called as drumsticks. These drumsticks are dried. The next step of drumstick farming is removing the seeds for consumption. In India, green drumsticks are slowly cooked with the curry and the seeds are consumed directly for their valuable nutrients.

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Moringa Roots

It is reported that the roots of the moringa tree are very beneficial. It is reported that they can help fight stomach aches, headaches, and up to some extent also helps to fight sexual weaknesses. The roots can also be consumed in fresh form, dried form, and several by-products of the roots are also consumed.

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