Oliya Recipe To Follow To Serve Your Guests A Lip Smacking Dessert


Oliya recipe is a rice-based dessert and is a Rajasthani dish recipe made from rice and yoghurt. It is served mostly during the Holi festival and fasts.

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Oliya Recipe

A Rajasthani dish, Oliya is a rice-based dessert. It is mostly served during the Holi festival. Holi is a festival of colours. In this festival, people go to visit their friends and relatives. Therefore, it is a popular custom to make dishes that can be served when guests come visiting.

Rajasthani style Oliya is a sweetened rice yoghurt pudding which is made popular during the Holi season in Rajasthan. The rice-based dessert is sweetened with sugar and mixed with yoghurt to create a smooth yet thick consistency.

Here is the recipe for Rajasthani Style Oliya that you one can make in half an hour.

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Recipe for Rajasthani Style Oliya:

Cuisine: Rajasthani

Course: Dessert

Diet: Vegetarian

Equipment Used: Pressure Cooker


1/2 cup Cooked rice

1 cup Curd (Dahi / Yogurt)

4 tablespoon Sugar, change according to your taste

4 tablespoon Milk

1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder (Elaichi)

1 tablespoon Cashew nuts, chopped

4 Saffron strands

Oliya Recipe: Easy steps to follow

1)     Begin by soaking the rice in water for around 15 minutes. Then put it n a pressure cooker and let it steam till about 2 whistles. Release the pressure naturally and allow it to cool down completely and mash it a little.

2)     The curd has to be beaten with milk in a bowl. The consistency of the curd could be either thick or watery, depending on how one wants it. To make it watery, add some water while beating curd and milk. Add the boiled rice, sugar, cardamom powder and mix it well.

3)     The dish is ready to be served. Just add a few strands of saffron over the top. For garnishing, add some chopped cashew nuts. The oliya is ready to be served.

Tip: The Rajasthani Style Oliya is also served as a main dish during the fasting season as well. It is served along with a glass of gourd and carrot juice.

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