One Sweet, One Shop, One Massive Line: Delicious Secret Of Old Delhi's 118-year-old 'Chaina Ram' Mithai-wala Revealed

Written By Chetna Kapoor | Mumbai | Published:


  • Old Delhi's 118-year-old Mithai shop 'Chaina Ram' attracts long queue for Ghevar, Sunny Gidwani spills secret. Watch the video

You must have heard about the long, never-ending queues at temples, flash sales or billing counters but ever heard people queuing to get hands-on their favorite sweet?

Yes, mithai, in the traditional term. Republic TV gets access to a viral video of a crazy long line of people lining up outside a sweet shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Çhaina Ram, the famous shop is over 100 years old and people are lining up to buy a traditional sweet called 'ghevar'.

At 2.30 AM, the workshops open where fresh ghevars are made to cater the customers who start lining up outside Chaina Ram from 6.30 in the morning. What is ghevar? Ghevar is a North Indian cuisine sweet traditionally associated with the Teej Festival and especially made during monsoons. A disc-shaped sweet cake made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup, ghevar is available in many varieties including plain, mawa and malai.

The long queue just to savour this delicious dessert, says something, isn't it? "This happens in rainy season, saawan time. We make ghevars only in Saawan. People love it. We make it in clarified butter, we focus a lot on quality. We buy purest of the stuff from market and everything goes through lab testing. We are quite focused when it comes to quality," says Sunny Gidwani, partner at Chaina Ram in an exclusive interview with Republic World.

"We don't make it the entire year. It's only for 2.5 months during monsoons. For ghevar to taste good, you need humid weather. We always work from our hearts, you don't need rocket science to make ghevar. And it is magical the way we receive love from people every year," Sunny further revealed.

Watch the crazy video from 30th July when people lined up ahead of Teej festival above

Sunny also said: "We get a lot of orders for Ghevars during festivals in these two months. The taste is so rich that every community likes it. This sweet - Ghevar has a universal taste and it just melts in your mouth."


Representing the fifth generation of Chaina Ram's family, Sunny Gidwani has been in this business for 19 years now. Revealing the history in an exclusive interaction with Republic World, he said: "It started in 1901 in Pakistan (at that time India). My great grandfather's father Lala Chaina Ram ji started this business in Lahore's very famous market Anarkali. And just before the partition, we moved to Delhi and within 2 months we opened this. Luckily we got this place here. It's been 118 years now."

Below is the picture of Sunny Gidwani's father Shri Harish Gidwani with a staff member at the shop -

He concluded by saying that his focus always is on the taste & texture, and it is a team effort that goes behind making the best of sweets for their customers.