Tart Cherry Differs From Your Regular Cherry In Many Ways; Read


Tart cherry and Sweet cherry are different from each other on various grounds. Take a look into the factors which makes these two varieties so distinct.

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Cherries are one of the most widely popular fruits across the globe. Known for its sweet taste, beautiful red colour and numerous health-benefits, individuals relish the sweet cherry with utmost satisfaction. They are not available throughout the year but they come in a specific season and during some specified months i.e from May to August.

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They are widely used in cakes, pastries, tart cherry juices and also eaten raw. But are you aware of the fact that cherries also come in various varieties which are distinct from one another? Amongst the most famous varieties of cherries are the Sweet Cherry, Tart Cherry, and Lapin Cherries amongst several others.

You must have heard about the Tart cherry, which is famous for making various delicacies. Let's take a look at what traits, nutritional facts etc distinguishes the Tart cherry from regular sweet cherry.

How is Tart cherry different from Sweet cherry


A person who is an expert can actually tell you the difference between a tart cherry and a sweet cherry just by looking at it. The colour of both these cherry types is different from one another. Sweet cherry is dark in colour, they are not blood red, and have hues of purple and black. However, a tart cherry is bright red in colour, the colour of which does not even change even after harvesting.

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Health Benefits

Everyone and anyone can eat cherries. They are touted amongst the most healthy fruits globally. They are a rich source of Potassium and Vitamin C. Sweet cherries have some really amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, consumption of sweet cherries also helps in declining increased uric acid levels in the human body.

According to several studies, Tart cherries are highly beneficial for reducing the arthritis problem. They also aid in reducing cholesterol levels and improving sleep quality. 

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Tart cherries are seasonal and are not readily available throughout the year whereas sweet cherries can be found in almost all 12 months. Tart cherries are generally available in supermarkets and grocery store. But sweet cherries are available in your local food markets as well.

Distinct Taste

A Tart cherry is not sweet and is a little sour in taste. Such tart cherries are often consumed in the form of tart cherry juice due to its unpleasant taste. Sweet cherry, on the other hand, is sweet in taste. They can be easily eaten raw. Bakers use such cherries to decorate their cakes and pastries. 

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Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice. In case of health advisory, kindly check with your nutritionist before consuming large amount cherries on a regular basis as there could be different results for different individuals, especially if you are allergic to cherries.


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