These Popular Snacks And Dishes Did Not Originate In India


These snacks and street food are loved by most Indians but surprisingly these are not of the Indian origin. Read to know about their origin here

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There is a wide range of snacks and street food that are popular in India. But you'd be surprised to know that some desi dishes which are popular snacks and food items in India, aren't originally from India. Take a look at some famous Indian dishes which actually originated from outside

Dishes which are non-Indian and are popular in India:

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Did you know that the most appetising street food snack- "momos" is not an Indian dish. Momos originated from South Asia and are now amidst the most popular street foods of recent times. They are soft circle-shaped flour balls filled with vegetarian or non-vegetarian stuffing served with red chilly sauce. Momos are available in every nook and cranny of Indian cities nowadays.

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The most favourite snack of all Indian families apparently did not originate in India.  In fact, the word samosa is derived from the word sanbosag, which is a Persian name. Samosa originated in the Middle east. Samosa was eaten as a dish by royal families in the ancient history, according to the world-renowned poet Amir Khusro.

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Gulab Jamun

One of the highly flavorful and saleable desserts in India, Gulab Juman, is also not an authentic Indian sweet. Gulab Jamun originated in the Mediterranean and Persia. It was originally called luqmat al qadi. Gulab Jamun is a staple Indian dessert which is always on the menu of almost every wedding in the nation. It is also readily available in Indian sweet shops in various shapes and sizes. 

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This one is the most surprising food item from the list. Rajma-chaval is staple dish of Punjab region. People thoroughly relish it across India as well. But surprisingly, it is not an Indian food item. Rajma originated in Guatemala, Central America and Mexico. In fact, rajma is a prominent ingredient in several Mexican dishes.

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