Three Dishes That You Can Easily Prepare This Festive Season


Dishes you can easily prepare on this auspicious occasion of Dussehra this year. Prepare gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa and scrumptious jalebi with ease. Read:

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Special Dishes to Prepare on Dussehra 2019

Gajar Halwa

Who does not remember the sweet aroma of Gajar ka Halwa? Savouring the hot halwa, loaded with khoya in cold-breezy winters is probably the best feeling. 


Grate tender and juicy carrots and stir them on simmer in a thick iron kadhai.

 Pour four cups of full cream milk in grated carrots and keep stirring. Scrape milk solids from the edges of the kadhai and make sure it does not burn at the bottom.

Add four tablespoonful of ghee or clarified butter and 10-12 spoons of sugar to the mixture. 

As it thickens, add fragrant elaichi or cardamom.

Garnish the thickened custard-like texture with finely chopped dried fruits such as almond, cashew, raisins, as per your taste. 

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It is unimaginable how two simple ingredients like sugar syrup and maida can do wonders. Well, if you have not figured out yet, we are talking about Jalebi here. This popular Indian sweet dish is served during special occasions. This juicy-crispy happiness in the shape of spiral not only fascinates children but is also loved by adults. 

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Mix maida, cornflour, baking soda in a bowl. 

Add ghee and orange food colour in the mixture and keep it overnight. Make sugar syrup by adding sugar to water on medium flame. 

Let it attain one-string consistency before using it.

Now, heat oil in a pan and fill the jalebi batter filled in a muslin cloth. Make concentric circles by squeezing the muslin cloth containing batter in the oil. 

Fry the jalebis till they turn golden and crispy. Ensure that the sugar syrup is lukewarm before soaking fried jalebis into it.

After 2-3 minutes, remove them from the syrup and place them on a tray covered with foil or butter paper.

Your delicacy is now ready. Serve it hot with creamy rabri or soak in warm milk. 

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Gulaab Jamun

The food for every occasion is gulab jamun. Using some basic ingredients like milk, khoya, all-purpose flour, and sugar one can create gulab jamuns with ease. This sweet can be served innovatively with ice cream, cake or custard. 


Make sugar syrup in a vessel on a medium flame. Mix it well and let it reduce to make consistency two string. 

Take chenna and khoya in equal proportions and mash them. 

Add saffron to accentuate the taste and make sure the mixture does not contain lumps.

You can also customise it by adding finely chopped or grated dried fruits to give it a crunchy texture.

Pick out another tray and add maida, cornflour and baking powder.

You may add ghee to the mixture for better taste and aroma. Now roll bite-size round balls. 

Meanwhile, take kadhai and heat oil or ghee on medium flame.

Make sure that oil is hot enough before sliding dough balls in a kadhai.

Let the ball fry until it turns golden brown evenly.

Take them out and remove excess oil and drop them in sugar syrup for a while.

 After half an hour, you may notice the change in their size.

Extract gulab jamuns and garnish them with pistachios and almonds. 

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