Traditional Bengali Sweets That You Can Relish Eating On Any Occasion


Traditional Bengali Sweets are well-known and also incorporate a huge variety of milk products and varied sweets. So, try these unique Bengali sweets anytime.

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traditional Bengali sweets recipe

Bengali sweets are those sweets that treat your taste buds to the heavenly taste of some yummiest savouries. Bengali Sweets are well-known for incorporating a huge variety of milk products and varied sweets. Mostly you will find these sweets in creamy and soft texture, that just perfectly eases your hunger pangs. So, here are some different and amazing Bengali sweets to try on any festival you like.

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Try these unique Bengali Sweets on any festival

Chhanar Jeelapi

Chhanar Jeelapi is a traditional style jalebi of Bengali people, made of paneer, khoya, and Maida. Chhanar Jeelapi is a sumptuous dessert which is a must-try from the list of Bengali sweets to try. Sink your teeth into these juicy, fat, soft, and exceedingly decadent, Chhanar Jeelapi. This sweet is deep-fried and then soaked in sugar syrup to enhance the sweetness of the Chhanar Jeelapi.


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Chhanar Payesh

Chhanar Payesh is a very popular Bengali sweet, mostly had in the state of Kolkata. Chhanar Payesh is a tasty paneer sweet made by making paneer balls that are dipped in creamy milk. This Chanar Payesh is one of the most delicious Bengali desserts to try for your next dinner party and amaze your guests.


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Mohan Bhog

Mohan Bhog is one of the most popular traditional Bengali desserts. Mohan Bhog is a semolina-based Bengali sweet dish that you would love to have. This sweet is mostly found in several shapes and sizes. Mohan Bhog, a rich and delicious sugary sweet is a fabulous treat for various occasions and festivals.


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Shor Bhaja

Shor Bhaja is another popular sweet dish that is popular in Bengali cuisine and it is also known as Sar Bhaja. Shor Bhaja is a Bengali sweet which is deep-fried and made purely of milk cream. The preparation of Shor Bhaja is a tedious process but the final result is undeniably worth the struggle.


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Kheer Kadam

Kheer Kadam is one of the most exotic Bengali sweets from all the other. This Bengali sweet is made of mini Rasogullas, grated khoya, and powdered sugar. This delicious Bengali sweet is also known as Raskadam which has two layers of dessert heaven.


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