Use Leftover Rotis To Create Delicious Dishes Like These; Details Inside


Leftover Rotis can become a very filling base for many scrumptious recipes. Read below how you can use leftover Rotis to make delicious burritos and pizzas.

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leftover rotis

Chapatis or Rotis can evidently be found in the majority of Indian households. But, having leftover Rotis is also one common occurrence in Indian households. Often the leftover Rotis are also thrown away as they can soon go stale too. But there are some amazing and scrumptious dishes one can cook using leftover Rotis. Read below to check them out - 

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Roti Chivda

Roti Chivda is one of the most known Gujarati dishes which is commonly served with chai. Not only is this recipe delicious, it is also very easy to make as it only requires a few steps to perfect. Check out the full recipe below - 

  • Cut the leftover Rotis into small pieces, one need not worry about the shape of the pieces. 

  • Now, heat some oil in a pan and add cumin and mustard seeds once the pan is heated.

  • Add turmeric once the seeds start crackling.

  • Finally, add the Roti pieces to the mix and ensure that the Rotis are coated entirely with the turmeric to get a yellow colour. 

  • Stir occasionally till the Rotis become crispy. 

  • Roti chivda is ready to serve

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Roti Burrito

Leftover Rotis can become a fitting base for cooking a hefty burrito. You can start by layering your leftover Rotis with your choice of sauces. The sauces can range from tomato ketchup or barbeque sauce. Add meat or vegetables according to your preference and then grill the burrito in the microwave until done. 

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Leftover Rotis Pizza

Your leftover Rotis would need to be thick in order for this dish to work well. Put your leftover Roti on a pan and add a layer of butter or ghee on top of it. Use your favourite pizza toppings to top up the Roti. Add the staple pizza flavours of pepper, chilli flakes and oregano. Cover the pan with a lid and slow cook it for 10-15 minutes as it becomes crispy and the pizza is ready to serve. 

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