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Ways To Use Leftover Curd While Cooking You Might Have Not Known; Read

Leftover curd often confuses us as to what to do with it. Here are some methods in which you can use a bowl of leftover curd to enhance the taste of a dish.

leftover curd

Curd is believed to have numerous health benefits. It is reportedly rich in calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. An individual can enjoy various benefits by having just one bowl every day in our diet, as stated by many medical portals. But often, the leftover curd in the bowl confuses us as to what to do with it. But just like fresh curd, we can use the leftover curd in various recipes. Here are some of the easy ways one can use the leftover curd in the kitchen.

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Leftover curd uses 


The creamy curry, popularly known as kadhi, is one of the best dishes which go best with rice or khichadi. According to the required quantity, leftover curd can be used to make kadhi. Sour curd is the main ingredient to prepare and enhance the taste of kadhi. Before starting the cooking method for it, take the leftover curd out of the refrigerator for a while. You can also try and follow a traditional recipe of kadhi-pakoda from Rajasthani cuisine.

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Dahi ki sabzi

In many dishes from Rajasthani cuisine too, one can use the leftover curd. All you need to do is take fresh or leftover curd, add an equal amount of water in it and blend it with spices. With a pinch of asafetida, one can make a lip-smacking gravy. Traditionally gatta and papad are used to prepare dahi ki sabzi. You can also substitute boiled potatoes with gatta or papad. Your leftover curd can be transformed into a delicious gravy. 

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Curd dip

Dips have become must-to-have things while partying. The different flavoured dips go best with chips and nachos. If you are planning to party the weekend and coincidently a bowl of leftover curd is available in your kitchen, you can experiment to treat your tastebuds. By adding a few raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, green chilly with mayonnaise and some herbs and seasoning, you can create a dip. The dip could be spread over chappatis too. 

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