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What Are Digestible Carbs? Know Everything About Its Health Benefits

What are digestible carbs? Here is everything to know about their health benefits and how different are they from regular carbohydrates.

What are digestible carbs

Overtime, carbohydrates have been considered as harmful, if one wants to reduce weight and desire a toned body. However, one has to understand that there is a difference between good and bad carbs. Whole-grain bread contains more fibre and a white bread consists of refined carbohydrates which spike up the sugar level. Therefore, these nutrients need not be consumed in an apt amount. Read on to know what are digestible carbs:

Good carbs vs bad carbs

Different components including starch, sugar and dietary fibre have a different effect on your health. For instance, food grains including rice, pasta, cereals, and whole-grain bread consists of a great number of carbs. Moreover, fruits and vegetables also provide a good amount of carbs. Therefore, we have mentioned everything that you should know about carbohydrates and digestible carbohydrates.

What are digestible carbs?

Digestible carbs make a part of the total carbs. They are known for their digestive properties and provide energy to one’s body. They get slowly absorbed in your bloodstreams without assisting sudden spikes in blood sugar. Digestible carbs correspond to the amount of starch and sugar in food’s serving. Therefore, an effortless method to count them is by checking the nutritional value mentioned at the back of the food package. One can subtract the amount of dietary fibre from total carbs to get the total digestible carbs.

Dietary fibre

Dietary fibre is a part of carbohydrates that do not get digested easily or broken down by your enzymes. They make their way through the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate in faeces. Therefore, they do not have a huge impact on blood sugar level directly. Things which are high in fibre include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole-grain baked goods.

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Starch and sugar

Starch is made up of a long chain of sugar. They are easily broken down by the digestive enzymes and enter the bloodstream to increase your sugar levels. Later on, starch gets converted from glucose to glycogen and fat. It can be found in sweet potato, rice, and maize. On the other hand, sugar leads to an instant spike in sugar levels as they are easily broken down after consumption.

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