9 Ways You Could Get Paid Without Really Doing Much

Written By Natasha Patidar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Here are 9 ways you could get paid without really doing much

Here are 9 ways you could get paid without really doing much.

CASH FOR BECOMING A SINGAPORE CITIZEN: Turns out Singair had a surplus budget and they are sharing the joy with all the citizen above 21 years of age by giving them up to SGD 300 which is almost Rs. 14,750.

CASH FOR FEEDING A PANDA FEEDER: While becoming a Panda feeder might be a real job, who wouldn’t want to get paid about USD 32,000 per year (over Rs 20 lakh) plus meals to spend all their time with a cuddly panda.

CASH FOR TASTING ICE CREAM: You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. So getting paid USD 56,000 per year (over Rs 36 lakh) for eating ice cream sounds like a dream. Turns out some people really are making a living out of being Ice Cream Tasters.

CASH FOR HAVING KIDS IN GERMANY: Having too many kids may be looked down upon in China but did you know Germany pays you every time have a kid. Reportedly, parents get paid €192 (about Rs. 15,000/-) a month for the first child,  €192 for their second child, €198 for the third, and €223 for every kid after that.

CASH FOR TESTING WATER SLIDES: If you are a water baby and if you enjoyed your annual trip to a theme park, worry no more - there is a job for you. Reportedly, testing slides, then rate them for criteria such as “biggest splash” and the “adrenaline factor,” pays USD 34,000 (over 22 lakh).

CASH FOR EATING CHOCOLATE: Eating chocolate may not be a task but if you can identify the quality, flavour, and creaminess of it you can certainly make a career out of it it. The fact that the pay is anywhere between USD 24,000 – 70,000 (Rs 15 lakh to 45 lakh) is certainly a cherry on the top.

CASH FOR WATCHING VIDEOS: Ever wondered what it would be like to binge watch videos and get a paycheck and the end of it. Believe it or not, there are multiple sites where you get to watch videos, take surveys and tag programmes.

CASH FOR BEING A FRIEND: Why be a friend in need when you can be a friend with a price tag? Now there is a website ( where people are free to rent out their friendship and get paid.

CASH FOR LIVING IT UP IN BAHAMAS: Reportedly, a resort in the Bahamas called Baha Mar hires a Chief Flamingo Officer. Who doesn’t want to chill on the seaside, indulge in some bird watching and get paid for it?