Best Weight Loss Diet For Women: 5 Easy Steps To Lose Weight


Get a customized diet for weight loss for females. Follow this simple weight loss diet plan and lose weight quickly! Republic World brings to you a comprehensive Indian diet plan for weight loss.

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The whole idea of a diet plan should be to lose weight in a healthy way. Starving yourself out is not the way. If you are disciplined and regular with the diet you follow, the results are always positive. Quite frequently, people gain back the weight they lost by indulging in unhealthy binge-eating post the diet plan. The key is to maintain your weight loss and make sure you do not gain the unhealthy weight again. 
It is difficult for women to stick to a diet when they have to take care of the family as well as work. Here we bring you an Indian diet plan for weight loss, which is easy to follow and does not encourage unhealthy eating practices. 

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Women

Following an Indian Diet is the best option to lose weight. Most of the diet is plant-based and all the ingredients are easily available. Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Chasing exotic ingredients might prove costly to maintain over the period of the diet plan. Instead, look for easy and equally beneficial substitutes. Vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage against a Broccoli or Kale. You will need to track your consumption and also the cooking methods. These two components decide whether your diet in on the right track. Excess use of oil, butter, and sugar should be avoided. 

Here is how you should plan your diet. 

1. Breakfast

The body is on a break for 6-8 hours when sleeping. Once you wake up, all your systems wake up too and they need the energy to run. So, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This meal decides the level of energy you can survive on for the whole day. Luckily, Indian food has a lot of healthy options for breakfast which do not make you gain weight. Start your day with any one of the following options:
•    Idli-sambar
•    A vegetable Paratha with curd or pickle 
•    Vegetable induced Uttappam 
•    Vegetable Daliya 
•    Protein-packed Besan or Moong Daal cheela with Coriander or Mint chutney
•    A bowl of Sprouts
•    1 Egg
Options like Idli and Uttappam should be an important part of the weight loss diet for women. Fermented foods are healthy for the ovaries, hence it keeps your menstrual cycle in check too. 

2. Post Breakfast

This is the time when the mid-morning hunger pangs kick in. You can beat it by eating any one of the below:
A bowl of fruits (A must) 
A glass of buttermilk (Optional)
Green Tea (Optional)
A bowl of fruits helps you to gain a controlled amount of calories. Green Tea increases the body’s ability to burn fats.

3. Lunch

A weight loss diet chart is not made for you to starve. It will always include wholesome food ideas too. Lunch is one meal which needs to be filled with all kinds of nutrition. You need carbs, proteins, and healthy fats too. You can choose the following options for your lunch meal.
•    1 or 2 wheat chapatis or a bowl of rice
•    Dal or legumes with rice
•    Vegetable soup, Salad, and Raita
•    Bowl of pulses
•    100 grams of Chicken or Fish
•    Seasonal Vegetables
You can make any combinations from the above and have a filling lunch. There is no such thing as starving and losing weight. Weight loss involves eating foods, but in the right quantity at the right time. Indian diet plan for weight loss does not involve skipping on important meals or eating less. 

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4. Evening Snacks

There is a long gap between lunch and dinner. This is where your body needs the required energy boost for the day. Following are the options for evening snacks.
•    A bowl of vegetable soup (if not had for lunch)
•    Cooked green leafy veggies
•    Paneer or Besan Cheela
•    Dhokla
•    A small bowl of Sprouts with a dash of pepper and salt
You need to have your evening munchies in small quantities. If you overeat then you might not feel hungry for dinner and that would hamper all your hard work done for the day. 

5. Dinner

It is advised by the elders in our family and doctors that dinner should be light and filling. It cannot be as wholesome as lunch. After dinner, the body rests and does not exert. This means you are not burning any calories and there is a high chance that they might get converted into fats. Every weight loss diet chart will include small portions for dinner time. Here are some meal ideas for dinner. 
•    Soups
•    Wheat rotis
•    Quinoa or Whole Grain pasta
•    Brown Rice
•    Curd, Buttermilk or Raita
•    Seasonal Vegetables
A light dinner will be a combination of any 2 or 3 items from above taken in small portions. 

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Keep the calorie requirement for your diet from 1200 to 1500 only. Also, weight loss does not only include keep your diet in check. Exercising is also important. Working out gives you the much-needed energy boost and tones your body when you start losing all the fat. You can sign up for activities like Yoga, Zumba, Swimming, Cycling or Running.  Sweat it out and feel refreshed. The process for anything good is always gradual. So have patience, relax and you will see positive effects on your body soon. 
Lose your weight and not your health. 



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