Can The Coronavirus Live On Clothing? Read On To Know The Truth Behind This


Can the coronavirus live on clothing? Read on to know if the COVID-19 can thrive on a softer surface like a clothing fabric and about the precautions.

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can the coronavirus live on clothing

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has led to the entire population around the globe taking all the required precautionary measures to curb this virus. The virus has made people practice social distancing, sanitizing or disinfecting their homes as well as clean the surfaces of their home. However, it is also necessary to know if the coronavirus can live on one's clothing.

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According to the World Health Organization, it is not exactly known for how long the coronavirus can survive on the surfaces. However, they also stated that the virus can persist on the surface for several days or for a few hours. According to research, the COVID-19 is more likely to thrive on the harder surfaces rather than the soft ones like a clothing fabric. 

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The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested washing one's clothes with warm water

Research also suggests that some doctors are now advising to remove one's shoes or changing on to fresh clothes to prevent the outside germs from reaching your home. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have also suggested washing all the clothing items preferably using a warm water setting as well as drying them appropriately. It is also advisable to disinfect the clothes on an occasional basis. 


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It is advisable to wear gloves while handling dirty laundry

The CDC also stated that anyone who is fondling with dirty laundry from an unwell person has to don disposable gloves and also discard them after every use. It is also advisable to wash your hands after handling the dirty laundry to avoid the spread of the germs through the air. According to media reports, some clothing stores have also increased the stress on the hygiene aspect since the outbreak of the COVID-19.

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According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus can also be transmitted in all areas which also includes areas with a hot and humid climate. One of the best precautionary measure which is being constantly pressured by WHO is to wash your hands occasionally. This has been touted to be one of the best ways to destroy the viruses that may be in one's hands as well as prevent the infection that may occur by touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. 

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