Exercises To Do At Home: 5 Household Items That Serve Dual Purpose; Check It Out


Exercises to do at home: Due to coronavirus outbreak, gyms and swimming pools have been shut. Therefore, here are 5 household items to assist exercise at home.

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exercises to do at home

After the Coronavirus outbreak, hitting the gym is risky. Moreover, gyms, swimming pools, and several malls have been shut in different parts of the country. However, this does not mean that you cannot work out without the gym equipment. Therefore, if you are afraid to leave your home, we have compiled some of the household items which have dual roles as equipment to help with your physical exercise. Read on to know more about exercises to do at home:

Here are the top 5 household items to assist your workout at home

1. Stairs are perfect for cardio

If you have stairs at home, it becomes easy for a cardio workout by just climbing up and down numerous times. To increase the difficulty levels, you may carry heavy objects with you while doing so. Besides convenience, it is quite simple and as effective as cardio in the gym. You can also motivate your near and dear ones to join you. Walking up the stairs is better and will enhance your stamina. 

2. Chairs for dips 

Everyone has a chair at home. There does not need to be a specific kind of chair for working out. For dips, you have to keep your hands firmly on either corner of the chair and lower yourself down. As you straighten up, your body is ready for an intense session. Moreover, you can watch videos and motivational speeches while doing so. 

3. Wall for pushups

Even a wall can fulfill your purpose. You can easily do wall pushups to increase your strength before proceeding on to intense exercises. You have to face the wall and place your hands against it before improving your posture to perform basic pushups while standing. 

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4. Detergent box to replace dumbbells 

It would be beneficial to fill sturdy containers with rocks, sand or rice to practice weights. Moreover, you can also exercise using detergent or paint cans. They make perfect weights for your workout session. Moreover, you can carry buckets full of water without spilling it. 

5. Broom to the rescue 

Broom will help you initiate exercises before moving on to more intense ones. Apart from cleaning, it has great advantages of giving your hips and core a workout. While sweeping, you can infuse fun by adding music and some dance steps to elevate your experience. 

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