Healthy Reinforcement While In Stress Can Help Boost Brain Health


Here is how one can reduce stress and inculcate healthy habits which in turn reduces the amount of stress to the brain. Read all the details about stress.

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Stress is the most common factor in increased suicide rates, suggests reports. However, stress can be tackled with certain ways by training your brain to substitute fatal or bad habits for good habits and practices. The following measures can be helpful to train your brain to avoid work or personal problem-related to stress. According to neuroscientist, Dr Selena Bartlett, one can battle with stress and reduce the anxiety signals to the brain without the intake of alcohol or sugar or any other harmful substitutes. 

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Ways to reduce stress

Dr. Bartlett has studied the brain and mapping cells for over twenty-five years. She mentions how brain cells react to stress through the expression of addiction. One reaches out to the regular getaway of dealing with rising level of stress through alcohol, or drug abuse, which ultimately leads to fatal behaviour. According to research reports by Queensland University, it is inferred that the brain can be trained to act a certain way. The situation can be assessed and the addictive habit can be curbed.

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According to Dr Selena Bartlett, one should wake up in the morning and set their brain in positive mode. The brain reacts to negative over positive, researchers suggest that it is important to input positive first. So whenever you wake up in the morning, it is important to start by talking to your brain with optimistic words. According to neuroplasticity, the brain can be tamed by assessment and reinforcement of thought-provoking measures. One can replace their unhealthy habits into a healthy one when the stress triggers any kind of actions. Instead of reaching out for substance, it is suggested to reach out to exercise and relate the two actions together. The next time when you are stressed, the brain will relate to exercise according to reports. 

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