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How To Identify Fake Remdesivir Packages? 7 Signs To Look Out For Before Buying Remdesivir

How to identify fake Remdesivir packages? Here is everything you need to know about the identification of real and fake Remdesivir injections, real price & more

how to identify fake remdesivir

Remdesivir/ IPS Monica Bhardwaj Twitter post

While the entire nation is fighting against the second wave of the COVID-19 with extreme measures, some people are using this opportunity to worsen the situation by creating fake Remdesivir medicines. As we all know, the Remdesivir injections are currently in high demand in the country because it is said to be effective in the treatment of Coronavirus. However, the production rate is radically lower than the demand, and some people are trying to make profits by using illegal and unethical means in such a crisis. To educate people about how to identify fake Remdesivir drug, IPS officer Monika Bhardwaj (currently serving as DCP in Crime Branch Delhi Police) shared a comparison on Twitter. So, here is all you need to know about the identification of real and fake Remdesivir injections, real price and more.

How to identify fake Remdesivir packages?

A fake Remdesivir medicine pack has

  1. NO Rx above the name of the injection - 
    • Fake Remdesivir packages do not have “Rx” written on them just before the name of the injection.
  2. Has numerous Capitalisation errors - 
    • A capitalisation error in the third line written on the package. The genuine package reads as “100 mg/Vial” while the fake one has “100 mg/vial” written on it.
    • One more capitalisation error is found at the bottom of the front side of the fake Remdesivir package. “For use in” written on the genuine package becomes “for use in” on the fake drug package.
    • There is another capitalisation error below the brand name in “Vial/vial” on the fake package.
  3. Alignment error in the brand name - 
    • There is an alignment error in the brand name of the product. Note the gap on the package of fake and genuine Remdesivir injections. The fake vial has an increased gap.
  4. The warning label is supposed to be Red - 
    • On the back of the box, the “Warning” label is in red on the genuine package. The fake one has a black warning label.
  5. Key info missing - 
    • Just below the warning label, key information “Covifir [brand name] is manufactured under the licence from Gilead Sciences, Inc” is missing on the fake injection package.
  6. Drug maker's name incorrect - 
    • There is a capitalisation error in the text identifying the drug maker, Hetero Labs. The fake Remdesivir package reads India as “india”.
  7. Telangana state name is written incorrectly - 
    • There is a spelling error in the full address on the package containing the fake Remdesivir injection. It spells Telangana as “Telagana”.

Remdesivir injection price

  • Remdesivir, which normally costs between Rs 899 and Rs 5400 for a vial, is currently being sold illegally in the market at extremely higher rates of more than Rs 20,000. 

Disclaimer: The above information is sourced from the Tweet of IPS Officer Monica Bhardwaj and media reports. The website does not guarantee a 100% accuracy of the figures.

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