How To Manage Calories While Working From Home? Follow These Steps


How to manage calories while working from home. Follow these few simple steps to keep control over your calories while in quarantine amid coronavirus scare

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How to manage calories while working from home

With rising concerns of COVID-19, most countries are implementing the stay at home policy and shutting down almost all public places like gyms, parks, malls, cinema theatres etc for a foreseeable future. This has unknowingly turned everyone into restless couch potatoes. During this time, it is of utmost importance to ensure physical fitness as a crucial coping mechanism to keep anxiety at bay to maintain a sense of normalcy and well-being.

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Manage calories while in quarantine 

1. Avoid binge-eating and over-snacking:

Excess idle times increases one’s willingness to consume unhealthy foods like chips and soda’s. Looking at the current situation around the pandemic, it is yet unknown when this home curfew will be lifted. Thus, it is of prime importance to be watchful of what you eat and be more conscious. One way to reduce calories is by substituting sugar for low-calorie sweeteners so that the criteria of sweetness are fulfilled and yet the calorie control is looked after. This will help you keep your health and check and not refrain you from eating your favourite home-made sweets.

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2. Exercise and Skill 

Even though media streaming platforms are the most obvious ways to kill time, give your eyes some rest and resort to home-workouts and maybe even try learning/ perfecting a skill/hobby. Remove those yoga mats and coordinate your diet and workout together.

Simple home-workouts for 30 mins a day can improve your physical and mental well-being beautifully. That dusty guitar? Oil paints in your drawer? Cooking pan in your shelf? Rubix cube on your desk? They’re all waiting for you to pick them up and finally indulge in some self-time to improve your skill. This will not only distract you from continued idle-snacking but will also keep your calories in check.

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3. Reconnect with family

Spend time with your family while sipping over a cup of tea. Gather your thoughts and share them with your loved ones. Feeling anxious? Open up and give them your precious time. Make up for the lost time and take advantage of restoring memories and nostalgic moments. Play monopoly together. Meditate together. Cook together. And while doing so, replace that oil for olive oil. Replace those chips for dry fruits. Replace that soda for some fresh fruits. Replace that sugar for artificial sweeteners. 

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4. DO NOT over-stock

It is important to be well-prepared in times of panic. But over-stocking on food especially junk items is one of the easiest ways to hoard that contribute to over-eating and ultimately results in poor health. Yes, it is necessary to be sufficiently stored to sustain yourself at home for the near future, but overdoing it can be a major con and can lead to excess eating.

These are some of the ways to keep sane and healthy during this rough pandemic. It might seem trivial, but making minor changes in your kitchen like replacing your sugar for a healthier choice, or a simple 15-minute walk at home can effectively keep your health in check and prevent excessive calories. Lastly, sanitise, self-isolate and practice social-distancing as much as possible!

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