Lower Belly Exercises That Will Assist You To Reduce Fat


Lower belly exercises including crunches and jogging help to tone muscles, achieve a slim waist and reduce belly fat. Here are different exercises to check out.

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lower belly exercises

In order to get rid of excess belly fat, you need not work difficult exercises. It is also possible to achieve a toned stomach with simple and easy exercises. However, you need to keep a check on your eating habits and consume fresh and healthy food. Therefore, we have compiled different ways to reduce belly fat. Read on to know more about lower belly exercises to lose fat:

Lower belly exercises to lose fat

1. Planks

Plank is an incredibly effective exercise to tone your tummy. It not only raises the heart rate but also works on your whole body’s muscles. You have to lie down in the plank position. However, you should make sure that your posture is correct and in a straight line. Moreover, keep your legs together. You can also jump with your legs wide and back in the primary position. Keep consistency for a few days and increase the time to see results.

2. Jogging

There are different types of jogging to fulfill your purpose of shedding fat from specific regions. You can perform jog at a high speed and raise your knees a little higher for effective results. This way you can strengthen your core muscles and enhance flexibility, besides many other physical benefits. To maintain the right posture, set your arms straight in the front and at your shoulder’s height. Now, you can start running on the same spot and increase your speed. While doing so, try not to lean downwards or backward.

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3. Crunches

This exercise helps to tone your waist and gradually slim it. Apart from strengthening your thigh muscles and core, it increases your stamina. There are different types of crunches. But we are focussing on side crunches here, which is a little difficult to perform. In this, you have to lie on your back and raise the right leg and upper back to reach arms while balancing with your other half of the body. You can continue by repeating it on the other side.

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