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Prevailing Weather Favourable For Viral Spread, Do Not Ignore Symptoms: Expert

The number of patients with symptoms like a cough, cold, or fever has increased, among other things, at Delhi’s BLK hospital.

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Isha Bhandari
Experts advise not to ignore COVID symptoms;prevailing weather favourable for viral spread

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As the COVID-19 outbreak across the country, doctors have warned individuals to take essential precautions and not overlook possible symptoms. The doctor added that the weather at this time is favourable for the spread of any virus or infection.

Notably, the number of COVID-19 cases has been sharply increasing with almost 3,000 instances reported per day nationwide. 

Delhi also had a significant rise in cases, with an estimated 400 infections occurring daily.

The number of patients with symptoms like a cough, cold, or fever has increased, among other things, at Delhi’s BLK hospital, contributing to the surge in hospital admissions.

“Most of the patients are coming with these problems and those reported these symtoms said they have been experiencing them for days. We are also getting them tested for Covid-19. Those found infected with Covid are being advised immediate home isolation. However, a very few of them are required to be admitted to the hospital,” said BLK Hospital, Dr Sandeep Nayar. 

“Most of the patients are recovering by staying at home. Also, since the onset of the pandemic, many people have also been taking online medical consultations,” he added.

Nayar further said that only people suffering from heart lung ailments and cancer, among others are at “greater risk of catching COVID-19.”

People stopped wearing masks is one of the reasons for rise in cases 

“This is why we are seeing a rise in different infections and viral cases. Symptoms such as cough, cold, and fever are being seen in people. Also, over the last several months, people have stopped wearing masks, which is one of the reasons why the cases have increased,”the doctor said. 

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya’s advise 

Also, in light of the current Covid crisis, Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya urged people to exercise caution.

Mandaviya stated on Monday that due to an increase in cases of the Covid sub-variant, Omicron, people should exercise caution. He did, however, note that since most patients are being encouraged to remain at home in isolation, there was no need to hospitalise the patients.

“If symptoms like cough, fever, or cold persist, do not ignore them and see a doctor at the earliest. This infection first affects our lungs when it enters our body through the mouth and nose. That’s why, if you have a cough for a long time, do not ignore it. Consult a doctor at the earliest,” he said. 

He also advised that people of all ages wear masks and stay away from crowded areas. In an effort to stop the spread of the Covid sub-variant, he emphasised the necessity for people to adopt Covid-appropriate behaviour.

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