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A Sedentary Lifestyle Could Lead To A Number Of Ailments, Here Is How To Fix It

A Sedentary lifestyle can lead to a number of health issues in people. Read below to know how to fix a sedentary lifestyle with these simple tips.

sedentary lifestyle

The modern lifestyle involves people being served major conveniences which in return makes them adopt a sedentary lifestyle. This type of lifestyles includes people to sit or lie down for long hours and indulge in activities which do not include any physical tasks. Be it reading books, watching films, working a desk job or playing video games, these activities do not indulge people on a physical level and thus make them adopt a sedentary lifestyle.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of people have been living indoors and practising social distancing to flatten the curve of the virus. Though a number of people are working from home, it is limiting their physical activities and forcing them to sit down at one spot and work for hours. There are studies which have linked sitting for long hours from making people have a higher chance to get cardiovascular diseases. Read below to know how one can keep active even when having a sedentary lifestyle. 

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Take the stairs

Though it is not advisable for people to head out of their homes unless due to necessary reasons, one can always take the stairs while coming back from the grocery shopping or coming back from essential work. In a study published back in 2017, it was revealed that climbing actually burns more fat than jogging. A sedentary lifestyle can be initially given a shake-up by trying to take the stairs whenever possible. But ensure that during these times, you are not taking stairs for no reason and do it only when it is absolutely necessary to go out. 

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Stand up and stretch 

Having a sedentary lifestyle can have a bad effect on a person's muscle as they grow weak due to lessened physical movement. If a person's job requires them to sit for long hours, it is important for them to set a reminder to stand up and stretch at least every hour. It is advised for people to stretch at least 5-10 minutes every hour in order to prevent unwanted cramps and muscle soreness which happen due to being seated for long hours. 

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Do house chores

Doing house chores is one of the easiest ways for people to maintain an active lifestyle while also being a helping hand for household work. It has been proven by multiple studies that doing household chores can be as effective as doing full-body workouts. On the other hand, doing house chores also allow people to sweat out and keep their house clean while also countering their sedentary lifestyle. 

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