Shaving Myths: Does Hair After Shaving Grows Thicker And Darker?


Shaving myth which is widely believed is that shaving causes thick hair. Research says it is just a myth and shaving is not related to hair growth and colour.

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shaving myths

Shaving is the easiest and the preferred method for hair removal for many people. The method is quick and less painful as compared to waxing. Whether you are shaving your beard or legs, there is always one piece of advice that you will hear: Do not shave as the hair growth becomes faster and the hair will grow thicker than before. Often, people stop shaving because of the fear of increasing hair growth.

Does shaving make hair grow thicker?

Talking to a website, licensed aesthetician Jordana Mattioli of Complete Skin MD answered the doubt saying that this is just a myth that has persisted in society for too long. She explained that shaving helps in getting rid of the tip of the hair that is tapered at the end. When this short hair starts to grow past the surface of the skin, it temporarily appears thicker. So, the sliced hair stubble will feel different than the ends of long, tapered hair. It is not actually different and the short hair will taper at the end eventually.

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Does shaving affect hair growth?

Mattioli also explained that shaving doesn’t affect the natural growth of hair, and the fast and slow growth of hair is according to skin type. Hair also sometimes looks darker after it grows back. This happens because of the chemicals you put on your body and the environment you live in. When it comes to women’s facial hair, the effect is not visible but it can be seen on arms and legs.

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A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology states, “No significant differences in the total weight of hair produced in a measured area, or in width or rate of growth of individual hair, could be ascribed to shaving.” Hair growth is different for different people. Similarly, in some body parts, hair grows faster while in other areas the hair growth is slow. For instance, armpit hair grows faster than leg hair. This why people shave their armpits more frequently.

Some useful shaving tips:

  •      Use a good quality razor
  •      Prepare your skin before shaving
  •      Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth
  •      Avoid razor bumps

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