Weight Loss: 5 Best Yoga Mudras For Losing Weight


Check out the best Yoga mudras for weight loss. From Vaayan Mudra to Surya Mudra, now lose weight by practicing yoga and lead yourself towards a healthy and better lifestyle!

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Yoga is primarily India’s ancient form of wellness practice, which is now being adopted by people from all over the world. The core reason behind yoga’s popularity is that it is the most natural way of achieving various health and fitness goals. Weight loss through yoga is harmless and effective.
Under the various forms of practices in yoga, weight loss mudras are the easiest to practice because they do not require a lot of movement. You must have noticed hand mudras done by various Hindu deities in images or idols. Mudra is a Sanskrit word, which means meaning seal in English. A yoga mudra for weight loss or any yoga mudra for that matter means that you are sealing an intention.

How does yoga mudra for weight loss work?

To say that you can lose weight with the help of your five fingers can seem to be a little farfetched. However, the ‘Yogic philosophy’ has an accurate explanation for it.

The philosophy says that each of our fingers is connected to certain internal organs of our body. When you do a hand gesture in a prescribed way, the internal organs associated with them are activated. This activation leads to the cure of many health issues, including excess body fat, imbalanced blood pressure, mental illness, and heart health.

The ‘Yogic philosophy’ also believes that the five elements of the universe are present in our fingertips, in the following order:

  • Thumb – Agni (fire)
  • Index finger – Vayu (air)
  • Middle finger – Aakasha (sky)
  • Ring finger – Prithvi (earth)
  • Small finger – Jala (water)

Since, five elements are associated with our five fingers, practicing weight loss mudras regularly can give you impressive results in the form of reduced weight and various other health benefits.

A List of the 5 Most Effective Mudras for Weight Loss:

●    Surya mudra for weight loss

The Surya mudra for weight loss is performed to increase the ‘Agni’ (fire) element and decrease the power of ‘Prithvi’ (earth) element within the body. Therefore, it is also called ‘Agni-Vardhak Mudra’. According to Ayurveda, the real cause behind increased weight and excess body fat is poor digestion. The element that takes care of our digestion is fire. Naturally, practicing the Surya mudra for weight loss regularly can improve digestion and aid weight loss. It is quite easy to do the Surya mudra for weight loss. All you have to do is place the tip of your ring finger on the base of the thumb and gently apply pressure on the ring finger with your thumb. This mudra facilitates in increasing the fire element and reducing the earth element in your body. 

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●    Kapha-Nashak mudra for losing weight

Also known as ‘Pitta Kaarak mudra’, the Kapha Nashak mudra brings increase the Pitta humor inside your body. The element of fire is increased within the body that helps in digestion. However, people with increased pitta (heat) should do this mudra in moderation. This hand mudra for weight loss can be done for 40-45 minutes for effective results. To perform this mudra, you should place the ring and little finger at the base of the thumb, and then apply gentle pressure of the thumb upon these fingers.

●    Vaayan mudra for weight loss

This mudra helps to increase the vata humor. Therefore, it is also known as ‘Vata Kaarak mudra’. There are multiple health benefits of doing this hand mudra for weight loss. It aids in the reduction of fat, improves the nervous system, and controls excessive menstrual bleeding, among various other important benefits. Yet again, this is an extremely simple to perform weight loss mudra. All you have to do is place the tip of your index and middle fingers on the tip of your thumb and pressurize gently.

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●    Linga mudra for weight loss

This yoga mudra for weight loss increases the element of Agni and the Pitta humor in your body. Increased bodily heat results in better digestion. Good digestion means that your body will store any toxins and hence burn fat leading to a reduction in weight. To do this yoga mudra for weight loss, interlock your fingers of both hands but keep the left thumb free and directed upwards. 

●    Gyan mudra for weight loss

It is observed among a large number of people that they overeat when stressed. In fact, stress-related overeating is one of the major causes of obesity in the world. Gyan mudra helps in weight loss by reducing stress. It is indirectly linked to weight loss, unlike Surya mudra for weight loss or Linga mudra. However, it is still quite effective if you have a habit of stress or emotional eating. To do this, you need to sit in ‘Sukhasana’ (easy position), ‘Padmasana’ (lotus position), or ‘Vajrasana’ (diamond position), as per your convenience and comfort. You must keep your back straight while your head and chest must be held up high. After doing so, you must place both the hands on the respective knees wherein your palms should be facing upwards. Now, bring the tip of your index finger and thumb in contact while keeping the rest of the fingers straight. Apply gentle pressure on the index finger and thumb in order to create energy that aids in relaxing the body and decreasing stress. 

These five yoga mudras for weight loss, when practiced regularly, can help you reduce weight. There are no side effects associated with these mudras and they can be practiced with any other diet or exercise regime.

Note: Please consult a certified yoga practitioner before performing these mudras.


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