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Yoga Asanas To Perform Every Day To Bid Adieu To Regular Hair Fall

Here are are some tips to reduce hair fall with yoga at the snap of a finger. Perform these asanas every day to get rid of the regular hair fall. Take a look.

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Hair loss has been a forever-discussed subject among youngsters. While there are many medical approaches available to keep the issue of hair fall at bay, there are some Yoga asanas also, which are considered effective in curing hair fall. Here are the seven Yoga Asanas that many Ayurveda practitioners propagate to help you bid adieu to your hair fall.

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Downward Dog Position

Adho Mukha Svanasana, popularly known as downward dog position is one of the many asanas that are said to prevent hair fall. The asana position refers to match your palm with your feet, straightening your knees and elbows. The position suggests the ‘V‘shape of your body, hips going upward like a mountain. It leads to blood circulation in your head, activating the rejuvenation cells for hair that helps to reduce hair fall using yoga.

Yoga Hair

Diamond Pose:

Diamond Pose or Vajrasana is said to be one of the easiest asanas to perform. For performing the asana, one must sit on the knees, interlocking the toes. The next step involves heavy breathing that results in relaxation of mind and body, releasing stress. Make sure that the spine and neck are straight. The term ‘Vajra’ is also known as Diamond.

The Camel Pose

The Camel Pose is also known as Ustrasana in Sanskrit. The pose is a deep backward bending in a kneeling position that requires the head to be parallel to the feet. This pose is one of the 26 asanas included in Bikram yoga. This pose is said to be one of the major causes of hair fall.

The rub exercise

The Balayam yoga or the rub exercise is known as one of the most effective asanas to cure hair fall. This ancient Indian practice refers to nail rubbing exercise. It is the most effortless asana to practice that involves the rubbing of the nail with the corresponding nail of the other hand. Popularised by Baba Ramdev, this asana reportedly boosts hair growth.

Yoga Hair

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Kapalbhati is one of the most practiced asanas that involve meditation exercise. The pose demands to sit in the position of a lotus, with folded legs. Regular practice of the pose reportedly boosts mental concentration and helps in fighting obesity.

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