Bored Of Binge-watching During Self-quarantine? Here Are 10 Fun Things To Do


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending their time at home and doing self-quarantine. Here are some fun things you can do while at home.

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The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone in the world stay in their homes so that they are safe. People have started self-quarantine at their homes as they wait for the pandemic to cease and for things to go back to normal. While there are people who are still working from home, there are others who are free and have nothing much to do while they are at home. While many are spending time binge-watching TV shows, there are many other productive and fun activities that one can do while staying in quarantine.

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Things to do at home during self-quarantine

  1. Read books: You can spend your time reading some of the best-selling novels available. There are many books in different genres which are indulging and fun. This will increase your vocabulary.
  2. Start a virtual book club: If you are already a bookworm and are done reading all the books at your disposal, you can start a virtual book club. You can do this with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 
  3. Cooking: If you are a huge foodie but are scared that your delivery person might also bring a spoonful of coronavirus, you can start cooking. You can start easy with some eggs and sandwich, and slowly cook up your way to tasty biryanis.
  4. Play some box games: Games like Monopoly and Crossword will be the right way to spend time with your friends and family, bringing out the competitive side in you.
  5. Cards or UNO: Playing cards or UNO cards are the best way to spend time with family, but be aware, it can turn very competitive.
  6. Have a spa day, at home!: You can indulge in some me-time by taking long baths packed with essential oils. You can also give yourself some manicure and pedicure using home products.
  7. Rearrange your wardrobe: While many mothers would have already been asking you to clean your wardrobes, you can actually do it. A pro-tip to make it fun is to blast some hip music as you clean your wardrobe.
  8. Say Hi to DIY: There are many DIY videos available on the internet that you can follow and do some craftwork to decorate your house.
  9. Learn an instrument: You can use this time to remove the dust and webs off your instruments and spend time jamming on Instagram Live videos.
  10. Take up online lessons: You can take up some online lessons based on different things. It could be a new language or even coding.

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