Unwanted Things In Kitchen: 5 Things To Get Rid Of Right Away


There are a few things in our kitchen that go unnoticed but these things can be harmful to us. Here's what to throw away from the kitchen immediately.

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Unwanted things in kitchen

We tend to take care of our kitchens the most in our homes. Sometimes, a few things seem to clutter in our kitchens that we do not want to get rid of. These old and dirty things can sometimes become the cause of someone's illness in your family. Here are a few things you need to get rid of before it’s too late.

What to throw away from your kitchen immediately?

Kitchen Sponge

A kitchen sponge or cleaning cloths are some things in your kitchen that carry germs. Some kitchen experts have claimed that these can have as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Which is why it is essential to get rid of them occasionally or wash them thoroughly, on a daily basis.

Expired jars and cans

Take a look in the fridge or the pantry cupboard and check for old or unused cans, packets, and jars. We tend to buy certain things and forget to use them, and these items tend to remain in our fridge for long. One best thing you can do is to get rid of them before someone blindly ends up consuming it.

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Broken Crockery

Chipped coffee mugs and cracked bowls seem harmless but they are actually dangerous. Broken crockery is the best place for bacteria to live in. Cracked crockery is thus another item that should be thrown away immediately.

Sauce or chutney

Most of the time, we tend to forget a bottle of chutney or jam at the back of the fridge. Although we do not know the expiry date of a homemade jam or chutney, the best thing to do is to throw it away, if it smells too bad or is unrecognizable.

Old Chopping boards

Chopping boards are used on a daily basis and the wooden ones can be stained because of regular use. Some of them even get small cuts in between them which again becomes a place for bacteria to hide. Thus it is necessary to throw the old ones and buy a new one every two-three months.

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