Classic Snake Games That Can Keep You Entertained All Day Long


Retro or modern, snake games have come a long way today. But truth be told, mobile snake games have been a huge hit ever since mobile phones became popular.

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Snake games are classic and are a favourite among both children as well as adults. They are the perfect entertainers to while your time and have some fun all by yourself. These games can help you to relax and divert your mind from the daily routine for a short time. According to online portals like Life Hack and Windows Report, the below-mentioned are seven of the best snake games that you can play on your computer as well as the mobile phone, both on the Android and iOS platforms.  

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Top 7 Crazily Popular Snake Games

Snake Rattle and Roll

This is a classic isometric adventure game. It is for all the classic snake game lovers, and the free customization options can keep you hooked for hours! However, the controls of the game are complicated and come with interesting features.

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This is basically a multiplayer browser game that has been developed in 2016. You as a player would be able to control the snake-like avatar, and as you go on consuming the pallets, the size of the snake would grow.

Snake Classics

Snake Classics gives you some amazing mazes on the way to your winning quest. The enhanced graphics, pixel-perfect look, amazing sound, and an addictive game pattern are what Pac Man is all about. You would also get some unique challenges on the way. You can also master this game with different difficulty levels.

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Pac Man

This is a classic snake game that has 256 exciting levels. The game comes to an unexpected end at the 256th level, wherein almost half of the screen would get filled with random symbols. The game can be completed perfectly when the snake eats the pellet and swallows the ghost.

This is a multi-player game that closely resembles the classic snake game that all of us are familiar with. Here, with the consumption of more objects, the size of the snake increases. In the beginning, the snake starts off as small as a tiny cell, and then it grows larger. When the game starts, you can split the cells into two, but remember to do this strategically so that you can easily consume your enemies lurking nearby. This is one of the most popular online games of all time.

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Snake Rewind

This is one amongst the best mobile games (revolving around snakes) that you will come across today. Here the snake moves constantly, and its size gets increased as it keeps on eating. As the length increases, it would become tough to handle the snake.

BoBo Snake

This game comes under the classic category, wherein you can use the mouse to guide the snake. The obstacles on the way should be avoided to play the game. To play it without any interruptions, your system should have Adobe Flash Player installed.

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