Bathroom Hygiene: Must-keep Essentials Inside Your Bathroom


It is not necessary to own the fancy and expensive stuff and decore your bathroom with them but however, there are things like air freshener, cleaner & handwash

Written By Vaishnavi Navalka | Mumbai | Updated On:
bathroom hygiene

A bathroom might be the least glamorous room in your home but this is definitely the most used one (pun intended). To add to it, you will have guests coming over to your place who will be using your bathroom. It is not necessary to own the fancy and expensive stuff and decore your bathroom with them but however, there are things one must keep inside a bathroom to maintain a hygienic surrounding.

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Things you must keep inside your bathroom: 

Non-slip mat/ Super absorbent mat: 

A mat is a must inside a bathroom and it is also necessary to keep one outside the bathroom. The floor inside the bathroom is generally wet and slippery and keeping a mat that absorbs excess water from your feet is a must to avoid accidents. These mats are specially designed by engineers after the accidents of bathroom slippery increased in the last few years.

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Toiletries like handwash and soaps are other important things to keep inside a bathroom. These should be kept in small bottles and should be used after every visit to the toilet. You should keep in mind and fill it before you host guests at your place.

Towels and handkerchiefs:

When you design your bathroom, keep in mind to have a designated shelf or a towel rack to keep your towels handy. Place a rack near the basin in your bathroom, to use it after you have washed your hands.

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Air freshener:

Along with keeping your bathroom clean, it is necessary to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and nice. Use air fresheners at regular intervals to keep bad odour away from your bathroom. You can either keep air freshener blocks or use those sprays which have different flavours like lemon and rose. 


A good mirror in your bathroom is another essential item to keep. Mirrors can be optional but you can keep one if you have men living in your house as this can be useful for shaving.

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