Best-stress Busters: What To Do At Workplace When Stress Bogs You Down


Best-stress buster: Work can cause severe stress to a human being and sometimes they have no idea how to cope with it. Here are some of the ways to bust stress

Written By Sherwin D'Cunha | Mumbai | Updated On:
Best-stress buster

One of the greatest issues for working professionals is stress. It can be of any kind - emotional, physical or mental. Because stress at work is so common, finding a low-stress job may be difficult or impossible for many people. Stress can lead a range of far-reaching consequences, from colds and flu—to the more serious, like heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Instead of giving up, there are various ways and remedies to make things bearable at work.

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Best-stress buster remedies for you to adopt at work

1. Stretch.

Stretching is one of the easiest methods you can use to control, your stress. Try to aum to take a break every half-hour, daily to simply stretch or walk around or to just clear your mind. If none of that is doable, just stretch at your desk. Try to move all your joints. Shrug your shoulders. Stretch your arms above your head. Under your desk, flex your ankles and toes.

2. Relax your muscles. 

A good amount of stress that we hold inside us is through our muscles. Just try to relax all the muscles in your body. Start by relaxing your feet and end with your head. First, tense the muscles for about 8 seconds. Then relax them, and feel the tension melt away.

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3. Listen 

Listening to music is one of best-stress buster.  Just connect a pair of headphones and play a song that makes you feel happy and also provides some soothing thoughts. Another great thing to listen to is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responses. 

4. Journal 

One of the most underrated but another proven best-stress buster is journalling.  When you begin to feel stressed, just clear off your desk and take out a pad -- or clear your screen and open a new file -- and write for a few minutes. Studies have proven that writing down what you're feeling can make you feel better and even lower your blood pressure. 

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5. Look at a soothing image

Keep some pictures that you love around you, such as a favourite vacation spot, pictures of loved ones or even adorable kittens. Anything that makes you smile or feel calm helps. Looking at a soothing picture greatly helps to alleviate your stress levels. 

6. Breathe deeply

This exercise does not ask you to move away from the desk at all. All you got to do is sit down and take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed or open. Inhale and feel the chest slowly expand. Then exhale through your mouth. Repeat this process until you feel better. 

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