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Dalgona Coffee Challenge And Other Challenges That Were Born In The Quarantine Period

Dalgona Coffee Challenge and other challenges that came into existence after people started staying at home amid COVID 19 crisis. Have a look at the list here.

dalgona coffee challenge

The COVID 19 related lockdown has made quite a few people come up with a creative idea that can keep everybody occupied with some activity. These activities or social media challenges were taken up by people settled around the world as they brought together family and friends virtually. Here is a look at a few challenges that were born out of Coronavirus related quarantine period.

Different quarantine challenges

1.       Dalgona coffee challenge

Dalgona Clcoffee challenge was one of the most successful challenges that had been executed by the audience. In this challenge, people were expected to make coffee with a dense froth on top. The best part about Dalgona coffee was that it was delicious and made people indulge in basic cooking. Have a look at Dalgona Coffee here.


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2.       Woman empowerment challenge

Woman empowerment challenge was one of the most common yet most impactful challenges. This challenge involved women tagging other women in their lives on Instagram stories to highlight how unique and strong each one of them is. The challenge brought together women around the globe together even though everyone was confined in their homes. This challenge was quite successful.

3.       Bingo Challenge

Bingo Challenge involved templates made by any company or individual to mark out the common factors amongst the people. There were templates of a different kind like “dance bingo” or “photographer’s bingo”. Here is a look at the example.


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4.       Do Not Rush Challenge

Do Not Rush challenge has been a relatively recent challenge to come up on social media. This challenge involves passing of a brush virtually amongst a group of people. Each of the participants can be seen going through a transformation as they are seen with makeup and glamorous clothes towards the end of their segment. Men have also been an active part of this challenge. Here is a look at an example of Don’t Rush Challenge.


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5.       Pillow Challenge

Pillow Challenge was mostly for the fashionistas who have not been able to dress up and experiment in a while. This challenge included women using a pillow as a dress with the help of a belt. People could be seen using various kinds of pillows which gave them all a fashionable look. Have a look at the challenge here.


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