Decluttering Your Wardrobe Is Easy, Just Follow These Simple Steps


Decluttering is an important step when trying to organise your closet. With many steps involved, here are a few tips to follow when trying to clean your closet.

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The couch that you got, now sits in a corner in your room with a pile of clothes sitting on it. It just carries random stuff that one does not bother putting in their closets. It is tough to let go of stuff that has sentimental value. People also often laze around when it comes to making space for your stuff in your closet. But with the way the room seems now, it is the need of the hour to arrange and reorganise your closet. Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you are trying to deep your wardrobe.

Tips to use when trying to declutter your wardrobe

Put on music 

It is advised to set aside an entire day just for cleaning out your closet. And believe it or not, the very first thing one needs to do is pick their playlist. Putting on some good music really helps with the cleaning process. Go for some upbeat kind of music when you start cleaning as you will need motivation then. And go for calm and soothing music when you feel overwhelmed with the process. 

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Empty your closet

Emptying your closet means literally pulling every piece of item that sits in your closet. When you go one by one, it is easy to forget about the items that are buried down deep in the wardrobe. Don't think about sorting it out, just focus on emptying your wardrobe. 

Categorise your clothing

Once you empty it, start working on categorising your clothes. Pick out all the clothes you want to keep and set aside the ones you don't want. The categories can be simple like tops, pants, jackets, trash, and more. 

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Decide what to keep

Once you are done with categorising, start picking up the pieces one by one and Marie Kondo them. Keep them if they spark joy, let them go if they don't make you happy. Keep the clothes that fit you and get rid of the ones that don't. 

Clean your closet and organise your rejected clothes

Take advantage of your closet being empty and wipe it clean. Since people usually only organise their closets once in a while, it is advised to clean your wardrobe at that moment. Clean it thoroughly and throw some naphthalene balls in there. 

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