Home: Follow These Ways To Improve Air Quality At Home For Healthy Living


Home air quality should be much cleaner than it is outside; here are a few things that you must remember which will help you improve your air quality indoors

Written By Soumil Kamat | Mumbai | Updated On:

Most people believe that air pollution is something that is only experienced outdoors in traffic, smog, etc. However, air pollution is not confined to outdoors only, it can also contaminate our indoor spaces. Air pollution at home or offices can be due to aerosol sprays, dust mites, pet shedding, air fresheners, dusty furniture, uncleaned furnaces, water coolers etc. Here are a few ways how you can improve air quality at home.

Open Windows:

The air quality can be easily improved by this simple method of keeping the ventilation open. This helps fresh air to circulate. Keeping your windows closed will lead to more dust, more bites and more skin disorders. 

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Microwave vent:

This is the simplest way to improve the air quality inside your inside by turning on the vent of your microwave. When cooking at home using gas, make sure that the gas stove is properly ventilated. These gas stoves when not properly ventilated makes us more exposed to nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde which poses a serious health challenge.

Change furnace frequently:

Furnace of chimneys, watercoolers or water heaters should be changed frequently. Changing it or cleaning will help the circulation of fresh air in your house. Otherwise, the dust and small particles that are stuck in those furnaces will enter your house.

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Avoid smoking indoors

Avoid smoking inside your house or office. Smoking indoors results in the accumulation of smoke and other toxic substances. It poses serious health issues along with negatively on the quality of the indoor air. Smoking should be banned entirely in your house or offices to achieve cleaner indoor air.

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Houseplants can really help improve toxins from the air in your home. However, you must pick and choose the kind of houseplants so as to improve the air quality in your home. Opt for plants like Bamboo palm, English Ivy, complaint etc.

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