Home Décor Ideas From Kajal Aggarwal's House That Will Make Your Living Space Classy


Home décor ideas for the perfect minimal house are in abundance on the internet. But let actor Kajal Aggarwal guide you to make your house truly classy.

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The internet is filled with home décor ideas. But these ideas are at times difficult to incorporate when they are either on the expensive side or those pieces are unavailable. So none other than Indian film actor Kajal Aggarwal is here for your rescue. On a popular web interior design show, Kajal Aggarwal gave viewers a tour of her house. The Singham actor completely followed a simple minimalistic approach. A minimalistic approach will help you you to balance your budget and never let your house feel old or out of style.

Kajal Aggarwal teaches you the minimalistic approach

1. Stick to a simple colour palette

Kajal Aggarwal, as mentioned earlier, seems to be a fan of the minimalistic approach. In the house tour, it was visible that one the key home décor ideas that Kajal used was sticking to white as her main colour and then letting other pieces of the house revolve around the colour. White a great colour when it comes to a minimal approach since it makes anything look classy and rich.

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2. Leave some spaces around

Kajal Aggarwal also made sure to keep some spaces in the house empty. This is one of the most important home décor ideas while choosing a minimal approach. Some empty spaces in the house or your apartment, in general, will make it look for breathable and airy. It will also let light bounce off the empty surface and brighten up your room naturally.

3. No clutter

Kajal Aggarwal’s house seemed breezy since it was not cluttered at any point. Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to minimalistic home décor ideas. So make sure you create enough storage in your house so no clutter is visible.

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4. Accent décor to the rescue

Minimalistic home décor ideas do scream simplicity but they also mean using accent pieces. If you might have noticed, Kajal in the video talked about a conical paper pillar and also about a hand-printed glass wall. These pieces made the house look classy and elegant.

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