Home Decor: Budget-friendly Rugs To Beautify Your Home


Home decor is an inevitable part of your house, which makes it look more welcoming for guests. Read on about various types of cozy and budget-friendly rugs.

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Home décor is therapeutic for many people. Decorating your home with your choice of furniture, showpieces, painting, crockery, etc can get very exciting. The way you decorate your home reflects on your personality. It could be bold, edgy, modern, bohemian or traditional. Rugs are one of the most important decor pieces in a house. Take a look at some great cozy rugs that you can place in your room or living room in order to make your house look more attractive

Rugs are extremely important in order to enhance the aesthetic look, feel and comfort level. Rugs not only add on to the feel but also help bring the coziness when couches are not sufficient. Different types of rugs are available in the market. Be it loop rugs, cut pile, shags, oriental or even kilim, rugs are very important.

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Home Decor: Types of Rugs to beautify your space

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1) Shag Rugs

These are rugs that are super soft and provide ultimate comfort to your feet. This rug is made with long threads that are designed to provide comfort and keep the dust minimum. These can be placed anywhere, under the table, near fireplaces, or near the TV. These rugs are knotted, with each knot composed of 3 strands of wool, which allows the rug to exhibit a rich texture from all the different shades of color. 

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2) Flat Weave Rugs

These rugs are ones that are made for large houses. They are designed to be dust free and give a sleek look and feel. Flatweave rugs are comfortable but not as smooth and soft on the foot as shag rugs. They come in great designs and colors. The price range varies from shop to shop. One can purchase these online or visit any nearby local store. These rugs are often made of cotton, wool, jute or silk.

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3) Cut Pile Rugs

This is one of the most popular and trending rugs in the market. Cut pile rugs have recently been extremely popular and almost every household has them. They are designed to provide good comfort and a silky-soft feel on the foot. The most common styles of cut pile rugs come under olefin, nylon and wool carpets. These are durable and come at a reasonable price. One can purchase these online or visit any nearby local store.

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