Tool Kit: Various Essential Tools You Must Have In Your Toolbox


A tool kit is a must for every home; it helps in repairing and fixing anything by ourselves quickly. Here is a list of tools you must have in your tool kit.

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tool kit

Every house or apartment needs to have a tool kit. A tool kit comprises of tools that come handy whenever anything needs a quick fix or repairing. Since it is impractical to keep all the tools in anticipation that you might need it someday, it is important that you have some basic tools at a convenient place, like screwdrivers, or a swiss knife. Here is a list of things you must include in your tool kit.


From hanging pictures to putting up shelf supports, a medium-size hammer is an important tool. A claw hammer is a primary tool used for driving nails into, or pulling nails from some other object. There are many other types of hammers available in various sizes. You need to decide based on the nature of work which one would suit the best to you.

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Set of screwdrivers

A set of two basic screwdrivers, flat head screwdriver, and Phillips head screwdriver, are essential. You can keep a medium size in your home and a set of small screwdrivers to assemble something small.

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Measuring tape

Measuring tape comes in handy for almost every repair work. From nailing a picture to the wall to retiling the floor, a measuring tape is required to get a precise measurement and finish work perfectly. A twenty-five foot long measuring tape will work for most of the jobs, but you can keep smaller tapes.

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  • Pliers: This is to hold something firmly, to pull out something, or to cut or twist wires.
  • An assortment of nails and screws: You can get various sizes of nails and screws for different needs at different times.
  • Extension board or three plug socket.
  • A glue gun: to stick two things with hot glue.
  • A wireless drill machine and a couple of pencils in your tool kit for markings.
  • A swiss knife is one of the best tools to have as it has all the necessary tools folded in as one small device.

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