Home Gardening: Here's A List Of Cost-efficient Vegetables To Grow


Home gardening for beginners can be a tedious job, hence, here are a few cost-efficient vegetables taht you can grow in your garden. Check out the list, here.

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Springtime is the best time of the year to grow your vegetable garden. Traditionally, the purpose of home gardening, especially a vegetable garden is to cut the cost of spending on buying vegetables. One other factor for home gardening is to ensure that no harmful pesticides get consumed by you or your family while eating a meal.

Though it isn’t possible to grow all the vegetables in a home garden, there are a few cost-efficient vegetables that can be cultivated in your home garden. Check out some of the most cost-efficient vegetables to grow in your home garden.

Cost-efficient vegetables to grow



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Tomatoes are considered to have the biggest return for harvest as it reportedly grows at least one tomato per day for almost six years. Tomatoes do not require a lot of space and are hence ideal for small gardens and even balconies. Unlike most vegetables, tomatoes do not require a specific climate to grow.

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Lettuce does not need extra care and will grow wherever there is grass. It is one of the easiest plants to harvest as all you have to do is pick out the outer layer of the leaves. It continues to grow and produce new plants. It is also a healthy addition to your salads.

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Bell papers


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Growing a bell pepper plant in your home garden is an ideal choice as bell peppers need small space to grow. They are ideally planted in smalls pots and then transferred when they are big enough. About 12 peppers are grown on the bell paper plants, per season. Moreover, bell peppers can be used in most of the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

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As it is a cool-season crop, broccoli can be grown both in spring as well as in the fall. Being highly nutritious, Broccoli seeds are also one of the cheapest ones in the market. Though the plant requires the soil to be a certain way, it is easy to maintain, overall.

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