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How To Entertain Kids At Home? Here Are Some Decor Ideas For Kids

How to entertain kids at home during this quarantine is a question that is asked very commonly. Check out these decor ideas for kids that'll keep them busy.

how to entertain kids at home

With each passing day in quarantine, parents are looking for ideas regarding how to entertain kids at home. Watching cartoons or staring at any screens is not always advisable by the doctors as it can mess with the child's eyes. Decor ideas for kids something that they can stay busy with and learn something new. Such quarantine activities will help kids cope with boredom as well as they will learn something new by getting their hands dirty for a change.

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Quarantine activities: Décor ideas for kids to keep them entertained

Bottle paintings and lamps

Bottle paintings and inserting small lights in them to transform them into creative lamps is one of the most interesting decor ideas for kids. Empty glass bottles, watercolour paints and small plastic rice lights are all one needs to get this going.

First, ask your kids to paint on the outer side of these empty glass bottles with the watercolours provided. Once they are done colouring the bottles, take the plastic rice lights and put them inside the bottle. Now plug in the electric plastic rice lights to a nearby socket and watch it light up the room.

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Paper Lanterns

Making paper lanterns are a great way to entertain kids at home during the quarantine. This is easily one of the most creative decor ideas for kids and they will love the end product as well. All one needs to make paper lanterns are colourful craft papers preferably A4 size, ruler and pencil, glue, paper cutting knife and small lights. Be sure to be present while your kids use the paper cutting knife as it could be hazardous if not supervised properly. 

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Gardening can be the best way to keep kids entertained during the quarantine. Plant some flowers or veggies around the balcony, and involve kids in it. This will bring this generation kids more close to the soil and will get their hands dirty. They can learn a lot about plants and also the benefits of planting and growing trees and plants of different kinds. Gardening is a very informative way to teach kids about our plants, their effect on the world and the ongoing climate change issue. 

Creative wall arts

Kids love to paint on the walls of the house. If it is done in a supervised manner then this wall paintings can be turned into creative wall arts. Kids have a very unique mind and are always making absurd and surreal art out of nothing. Channelling this energy correctly will help keep them busy and also give the parents nice wall art to hang on the walls.

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