How To Grow Succulents: Read All About Types Of Succulents & How To Care For Them


Succulents are great small plants that lift up the mood of a space. Read on about how to grow succulents on your own, succulent care and types of succulents.

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how to grow succulents

Succulents are small plants that brighten up your surroundings. Succulents are in high demand nowadays as they have also turned out to be a huge part of interior decoration for homes and offices. Succulents are easy to purchase from outside but often turn out to be expensive. One may not worry as there are ways on how to grow succulents on your own. Listed below are details on succulent care, types of succulents, and the methods on how to grow succulents. 

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Succulent care and types of succulents:

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There are many different types of succulents. One can buy jade plants, Burro’s Tail, Crown of Thorns, Flaming Katy, Aloe Vera, Panda Plant, Pincushion Cactus, and many more types of succulents to beautify their space. One must be very cautious and take good care of their succulents. The tips for succulent care are mentioned below:

  • For succulent care, one must remember to give them enough sunlight as even though they are desert plants, they like to get additional light.
  • One must give them space to grow and ease off on the pruning as they don't need it much.
  • One must also remember not to overwater their succulents as they already store water for harsh climates.
  • One must choose green succulents and pay close attention to the choice of fertilizers and drainage.

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How to Grow Succulents

  • In order to know how to grow your own succulents, one must first take an original succulent and gently pull out one leaf from it.
  • Next, take that leaf and in another pot filled with moist soil, place that leaf there.
  • Give this leaf some time, do not put it inside the soil, allow it to get sunlight.
  • Wait till you see the roots forming and growing up. Keep spraying water and give it sunlight and care
  • Pot your new succulent, take a pot of your choice and place the leaf there, eventually, the leaf will die and the plant will stay. Water it only when soil is dry, give it sunlight and that's all, you now know all the steps on how to grow your own succulents. 
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