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How To Make Mop At Home To Keep Your House Clean? Here Are Some Ideas

How to make homemade mop has been listed. Read below to know some of the easiest ways to DIY mops to clean your house amidst the quarantine period.

how to make homemade mop

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to stay inside their house but that should not stop people from being productive indoors. If domestic help was your getaway from cleaning the house, then now is the best time to pick up the mop and get to cleaning. It is possible that not everyone has a mop at their home due to various reasons and stepping out to find a mop amidst lockdown is not advised to any extent. So, here are some way where one can make their own mop at home using things which are readily available indoors. 


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DIY cleaning mop

Using an old t-shirt

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY mop at your home is by using an old t-shirt. To make this mop, all one needs is an old t-shirt, a stick, a string and a scissor. Cut the sleeves of the t-shirt and open the sides. Take a stick and wrap one end of it with the t-shirt. Use the string to tie the t-shirt to the stick firmly and use the scissor to cut the hanging t-shirt into broad strips. 

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Using old towel

People can use their old towels as a mop in order to clean their house. One needs cut the borders of the towel and strap it onto a stick using a string. Cut the towel into broad stripes and the cleaning mop will be ready to use. Besides using old towels, one can also use various other cotton clothes to make a similar mop. 

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