How To Regrow Bok Choy From The Stalk In These Easy Steps, Check It Out


Bok choy is a very tasty and healthy vegetable that is used in many parts of the world. Read on to know how to regrow bok choy from the stalk at home.

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how to regrow bok choy

Bok choy is a popular type of Chinese cabbage that is used globally for cooking. The bok choy plant is really easy to grow and can be grown from the stalk left after use. Take a look at a common procedure of regrowing bok choy at home using the easiest pieces of equipment.

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Regrow bok choy from its stalk at home

Growing bok choy from the stalk is pretty easy. Chop off the base of plant-like one would slice the base of celery. Then place the bok choy in a bowl of warm water with the cut side facing up. Now set the bowl on a sunny windowsill or any other sunny location of the house.

The water needs to be changed almost every day or in two. It is also important to mist the centre of the plant to keep it hydrated. Keep an eye out for changes in colour and texture. The plant will go through a change in a week or so. The outside of the bok choy will gradually deteriorate to become yellow. The pale green parts will slowly transform into the darker green.

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Now that the plant has taken a dark green colour and the centre started to display new leafy growths, transform the bok choy into a pot filled with potting mix. Plant the bok choy properly leaving the green leaves pointing up. Any bowl with a good drainage hole will work.

The plant must be watered generously after planting. The new bok choy plant will grow large enough in about two to three months. That is how one can regrow a bok choy plant.

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